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Application Development

Our mobile applications are developed around our client's individual requirements. We use the latest standards to provide the greatest user experience and brand delivery. An app can give your business an edge in the market by developing specifically for the growing mobile user base. Every application is unique so contact us and we can come up with the best solution for you.

Mobile Technologies

The rate of technological change and growth in the mobile market has made mobile specific technologies a key part of engaging and interacting with your business audience. Our team specialises in the implementation of these technologies within both applications and mobile websites.

Graphic Design

Professional graphic design will add to the public image of your business by providing artistic and unique content. Our team can create custom designs to make any website look creative and bold. We can develop a range of attractive and consistent materials which can be used effectively by you and your business to improve the public's perception and engagement.

We develop our Apps & websites with all devices in mind.

Using responsive design we make sure using correct styling that our websites work on all devices so that you dont miss out on any possible audiences you are trying to reach.
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The Team

Inner City Women's Group

"There are people in the world who make a difference; some because they can and others because they choose to. The team at Omnispex are change makers in both ways -they have the talent and the will to bring a vision to life.... The Omnispex team were so easy to work with. Their technical skill was very apparent and their flexibility was a real credit to them. Over the planning and creation period we made contact on many occasions. On each and every occasion the team were responsive to our feedback and very creative with design and functionality ideas. The team really understood the unique safety elements required for creating an App like this and they took on board the feedback from survivors of domestic violence to ensure that the end result was the best possible fit for the end users. We are so proud and happy with the final product – the 1 in 3 Be Free App – it is the product of a wonderful partnership between Inner City Women’s Group and Omnispex. We recommend Omnispex as a friendly, flexible and responsive team who deliver."